Get device info using wurfl


Version 7.x-3.x
The WURFL module helps you in detecting the device capabilities of the mobile device visiting your website. It is based on WURFL and the WURFL PHP APIs.

The module provides device capability detection as an API to developers.
The WURFL module can be used by calling the native interface:

Get raw version
  1. $requesting_device = wurfl_get_requestingDevice();
  2. $is_wireless_device = $requesting_device->getCapability("is_wireless_device");
  3. $is_full_desktop = $requesting_device->getCapability("is_full_desktop");
  4. $is_tablet = $requesting_device->getCapability("is_tablet");
  5. $is_smartphone = $requesting_device->getCapability("is_smartphone");
  6. $width = $requesting_device->getCapability('resolution_width');
  7. $height = $requesting_device->getCapability('resolution_height');
  8. $browser = $requesting_device->getCapability('mobile_browser');