Add a custom data as an extra field on node display


Expose "pseudo-field" components on fieldable entities. This is a snippet set for my tutorial posted here:

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  1. /**
  2.  * Implements hook_field_extra_fields().
  3.  */
  4. function MODULE_NAME_field_extra_fields() {
  5. $extra['node']['article']['welcome_message'] = array(
  6. 'label' => t('Welcome message'),
  7. 'description' => t('A welcome message'),
  8. 'weight' => 0,
  9. );
  10. return $extra;
  11. }
  13. /**
  14.  * Implements hook_node_view().
  15.  */
  16. function MODULE_NAME_node_view($node, $view_mode, $langcode) {
  17. // Only show the field for node of article type
  18. if ($node->type == 'article') {
  19. $node->content['welcome_message'] = array(
  20. '#markup' => 'Hello and welcome to our Drupal site!',
  21. );
  22. }
  23. }


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The "display" key is missing in your extra field declaration, it should be :

  1. $extra['node']['article']['display']['welcome_message'] = array(
  2. 'label' => t('Welcome message'),
  3. 'description' => t('A welcome message'),
  4. 'weight' => 0,
  5. );