Import site with Quickstart


Quckstart is a drush script used in DrupalPro Development Desktop for the easier site management. More on

Actions below allows to import a site from the production server into local development. Basically, there are four steps:

1. Quick-create the database, apache host and DNS entry for the site.

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  1. drush qc dns apache database

2. Now copy the whole drupal repository into ~/websites/,
put the example.sql database file into avaliable folder (ex. ~/websites),
configure settings.php for the created database. DBname, user and password are the same and analogous to domain. "example_dev" in this case.

3. Quick-fix permissions (if you imported a site using GIT it may be necessary to launch git checkout command to revert the overriden branch)

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  1. drush qf

4. Navigate to settings.php localization folder and Import the database.

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  1. cd ~/websites/
  2. drush sql-cli < ~/websites/example.sql