Node count for taxonomy terms in Views


Create a block taxonomy terms archive in (Drupal 7).

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  1. Displaying the number of nodes related with taxonomy terms in views block (Drupal 7), you can do the following -
  3. 1. Create a views block
  4. 2. Under fields, add taxonomy term: Name
  5. 4. Under relationships, add taxonomy terms: content with term
  6. 5. Under contextual filter, add taxonomy term: name, choose "Display a summary", "Display record count with link".
  8. You will have views block which will display taxonomy terms with number count for example -
  9. shoes(12)
  10. clothes(15)
  11. hats(22)
  13. In the above example shoes,clothes and hats are taxonomy terms, and number in parenthesis displays the node count for that term.


Piet's picture

hi, thank you for the process. It's working fine.
Is it possible to remove the link on the term name in the result ?
I try to turn it off as usually but it's not working.

thank you